Top 5 Offbeat Beach Destinations in Australia

Australia has several famous beaches that dot its long coastline and the locals like nothing better than soaking up the sun all day long during the weekends. International tourists who buy tickets to Australia also enjoy the country’s unique way of life centred around its many beaches. Following is a shortlist of out of way water-front regions that travellers can visit when they get off their cheap flights landing in Australia.

Parsley Bay

Do not miss Parsley Bay, which is a secluded strip of sand located just a few minutes from central Sydney.

When you get to Sydney, visiting its grand seaside getaways provide the perfect opportunity to relax and sunbathe. In case visiting the usual tourist hotspots is not your idea of a beach holiday, do not miss Parsley Bay, which is a secluded strip of sand located just a few minutes from central Sydney. The surrounding area features well-designed walkways and a small bridge that overlooks the bay providing an amazing view of the picturesque surroundings. In case you want to swim in the lagoon, the area is safe because a shark-proof net encompasses the entire lagoon.

Dawn Fraser Sea Baths

The idea of using seawater in swimming pools is not new and the Dawn Fraser Sea Baths have changed over the years. Dawn Fraser Sea Baths and its wooden bathhouse dating back to 1880s is only a short drive away from Sydney. The pool is best described as a tidal harbour-side pool and during low tide, a slender strip of sand appears from the depth of the sea. This a favourite haunt for those who like to sunbake in a serene ambience, while enjoying the postcard-perfect scenery of this beach.

Polly McQuinn’s Reserve

Those who drive through the rolling hills of Kelly country in Australia can easily visit the Polly McQuinn Reserve and it is out of the way swimming hole. This waterfront comprises of waterfalls, rapids and a running brook, which make it the ideal location for a swim in fresh running water. The golden sunset over this secluded place looks like something out of a fairy tale. Those who buy flights tickets to Australia and love the adrenalin rush of a dive have the option of climbing up the huge rock on the bank of this waterhole and then dive into the clear waters. This out of the way location is the perfect spot for a picnic or a day outing.

Fingal Head

Travellers can easily drive down there from Sydney and get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas by climbing up the viewing deck on Fingal’s lighthouse.

Fingal Head was originally discovered by James Cook way back in 1770 and the area is often called as just Fingal. The site features a lighthouse which has been there for hundreds of years. Travellers can easily drive down there from Sydney and get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas by climbing up the viewing deck on Fingal’s lighthouse. An annual surfing event is organized at this out of the way beach and it is an excellent destination for sunbathing due to natural protection from northern winds.

Port Noarlunga

Port Noarlunga was originally developed as a port and it’s only a short drive away for those aboard flights landing at Adelaide, Australia. The port features a 1.6 km long natural reef which emerges from the sea during low tide and a small jetty connects this reef to the mainland. This long beach is the perfect spot for those interested in various water sports including surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailboarding. These along with other water sports are conducted in the nearby area under the supervision of the experts at Noarlunga’s Aquatic Centre.

Places to swim with marine life in Australia

Whether you enjoy diving, swimming, paddle-boarding or snorkelling with sharks in Perth, Australia has plenty of options for water sports and meeting a diverse array of aquatic life such as whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and sea lions.

Swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean, growing up to 12 metres long and weighing over 21 tonnes. During March and April, these gentle giants can be seen migrating to the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Visitors can snorkel alongside the whale sharks as well as with other inhabitants of the reef, including humpback whales and spinner dolphins.

spinner dolphin
Visitors can snorkel alongside the whale sharks as well as spinner dolphin.

Swim with manta rays at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Queensland, has a dazzling array of species. Here visitors can feed stingrays at Daydream Island, watch new turtles hatching on Heron Island or swim with the majestic manta rays off Lady Elliot Island. The wingspan of a manta ray can grow up to seven metres and they normally appear in May-June.

Swim with sea lions off Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln holds Australia’s biggest fishing fleet, with plenty to offer anglers and seafood lovers. Visitors can also snorkel and dive with the endangered Australian sea lion in Seal Cove, where the sea lions love to perform underwater acrobatics.

Swim with Burrunan dolphins in Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay contains a multitude of marine life, including bottlenose dolphins and Burrunan dolphins. These creatures love to play alongside the boats and swimmers who come to visit the port during the height of the tourist season, running from October to April.

Swim with fur seals off the Tasman Peninsula

fur seal
World-class diving sites and large colonies of fur seals.

The Tasman Peninsula has many world-class diving sites and large colonies of fur seals, which enjoy interacting with divers and snorkelers who come to the rugged coast.

Some Boating Locations Around Australia That Are Wonderful

white sand1

The Great Sandy Strait

Located about 800km to the south is a place called Hervey Bay. It has been hailed as being a sort of northern gateway to The Great Sandy Strait. The Great Sandy Strait is a waterway that gives top protection from the destructive winds that come with the seasons. These winds are southeast in the winter and northeast in the summer-time. The sheltered waterway is what divides the mainland from Fraser Island and gives space and freedom to all those who want to leave their cares behind for a week or more.

It is a place that is famous for whale watching.

North of The Great Sandy Strait, there is Platypus Bay, and it is a place that is famous for whale watching. It is a time for whale humpbacks and their young calves to come home for a while to stay on the southern leg during their annual migration. Platypus Bay is edged along by the pristine, as well as, the white sandy beaches that belong to Fraser Island and is the ideal getaway to spend a day before going south to the locale of The Great Sandy Strait.

When you proceed south from this area, there is Fraser Island, and what makes it great is clear. It has fantastic scenery and numerous sheltered fishing spots. In addition, there are lots of real reminders of the timber industry, which was once a thriving business spot such as the ones in Anchorage known as Garry’s and Mckenzie’s Jetty and Garry’s Anchorage. Garry’s Anchorage is considered to be one of the most popular of all stopovers in the straits where cruising yachts are concerned.

It has fantastic scenery and numerous sheltered fishing spots.

It does indeed require much care when one is navigating The Great Sandy Strait. It is because it is dotted with many sandy banks. The channels are marked and charted very well though. Located at the bottom of Fraser Island, this strait does split out directly into the Pacific Ocean, and the place where this happens is at Inskip Point. These are just some of the many high-quality boating locations around Australia.

The Best Boating Locations Around Australia

Are you fascinated by the sights of an offshore island, a coastal lake or river? New South Wales has an abundance of waterways where you can float a boat as you soak in the amazing scenery. Below is a list of the Best Boating Locations Around Australia.

Sydney/ Hawkesbury

Sydney harbour
The Sydney harbour is at the heart of a network of busy waterways that ferry both passengers and freight.

When it comes to coastal beaches and harbours it doesn’t get better than the Sydney harbour. The nearby broken bay-Hawkesbury system is also famous for a reason. Explore the deep valleys carved by ancient flowing rivers. Some waterways have barely changed over the years. The Sydney harbour is at the heart of a network of busy waterways that ferry both passengers and freight. As a result, the area is teeming with plush waterside eateries and harbourside cafes where visitors can grab a bite and enjoy coffee.

Syndey harbour also plays host to numerous sailing events, some of which happen on a weekly basis. An example is the renowned Sydney to Hobart yacht race. It is no wonder you’ll find many boat ramps and yacht blubs camped near the shore.

Sydney also boasts one of the best fishing ground in the country. Commercial fishing has been prohibited for the past few years leading to a healthy concentration of yellowtail kingfish, bream, mulloway, whiting, flathead, tailor and many other temperate species. Humpback whales, tuna and mackerel also frequent the broken bay during their migrations.

Lake Glenbawn

Lake Glenbawn
The lake is home to many anglers, sailors, wakeboarders and skiers.

Located in the upper hunter valley, this lake is a haven for many boat riders. The lake is home to many anglers, sailors, wakeboarders and skiers.

There’s plenty of boat racks around the area. tranquil inlets fill the area where visitors can enjoy their barbecue. Picnic facilities such as camping and caravan touring are also available.

Polish your fishing skills by angling Australian bass, golden perch, Murray and catfish. It is estimated that an excess of 120,000 people visits Lake Glenbawn each year.

Magnificent Boating Locations In Australia

boating islands

The Whitsunday Islands constitute some of the most fascinating coastlines in Australia, not just for boating but other water activities. More than 150 islands and islets resting at the core of the Great Barrier Reef make up the Whitsunday Islands. They are bordered by clear exquisite waters that are ideal for sailing. Seven of the islands offer a host of resorts that cater to various accommodation requirements. The rest of the islands are uninhabited national parks.

whitsunday islands
Constitute some of the most fascinating coastlines in Australia.

Whitehaven Beach is the most notable and largest, and it provides one of the best boating locations in Australia. The coastline stretches over 7 km and is complemented by beautiful blue waters. Although the tides in Australia fluctuate a lot, the waterways on the islands are sheltered by the reefs, providing the perfect environment for cruising.

Hamilton Island is another option to check out if you are looking to splurge for boating locations around Australia. The resort town of Airlie Beach offers dining, shopping, and entertainment options for boaters. Whether you want a quick bite at an eatery or a fancy dinner in a restaurant, Airlie Beach does not disappoint.

Moreton Bay

On Australia’s eastern coast lies Moreton Bay, which provides some enticing options for anchorages. You can try out Lucinda Bay, Days Gutter, and Tangalooma Wrecks, which are on the north end of the bay. The islands that can be found to the east, and they include North Stradbroke, Green, and St Helena offer more alternatives if you want to expand your boating adventures.

uninhabited island
For a boater who wants a quite, some group of uninhabited islands nearby offer calm waters.

For a boater who wants some quiet, a group of uninhabited islands nearby offer calm waters. You can visit Macleay, Karragarra, or Coochiemudlo. To the east of North Stradbroke Island is Myora, which is a perfect getaway when searching for tranquil waterways. There is a freshwater spring that adds to the beauty of the place. Alternatively, you can cross to Horseshoe Bay, which offers the best anchorage during northerly winds. When exploring boating locations in Australia, Moreton Bay is a priceless find.

Boating Locations Around Australia Worth Visiting



Thirty minutes drive northwards from Newcastle is a pristine boating haven. Eastwards there are headlands and craggy islands, remote seamounts and billfish rich currents; and inland, there is an intricate network of coastal rivers and lakes surrounded by wildlife. This all emanates from Port Stephens’ watery hub.

Some days you might be whale watching, while you haul in snapper or mahi-mahi. On other days you might be miles up a channel between huge coastal lake networks, surrounded by forest and swans in the centre of Myall Lake National Park.

This place is ideal for boats, with many moorings, ramps and hire boats are in abundance.

The Marine Park at Port Stephens protrudes beneath the tide line, however, there are lots of areas to tow wakeboards or catch fish to eat.

This place is ideal for boats, with many moorings, ramps and parking spaces. The marina is excellent, so marine businesses and hires boats are in abundance. Every village or town round Port Stephens is charming in its’ own way and is reachable by water or road.

Anglers love the Interclub NSWGFC game fishing competition in August and the yearly Trailer Boat Fishing competition in the autumn months. The excellent fishing carries on during the year.

There’s lovely water waiting at Port Stephens, regardless of whether you own a kayak or an ocean cruiser.


The waters that run from St Georges Basin to Shoalhaven Heads have sufficient boating opportunities to satisfy you forever.

Jervis Bay is particularly exceptional. It is fifteen kilometres long and ten kilometres wide, with clear, glistening water and stunning white sands. This is the hub of Jervis Bay’s Marine Park. Also, the Australian Navy appreciates this area enough to keep a base on the south shore.


white sand
The marina is excellent, so marine businesses and hires boats are in abundance.

Whatever watersport you can think of, Jervis Bay has a fun area for you to do it!