Boating Locations Around Australia Worth Visiting



Thirty minutes drive northwards from Newcastle is a pristine boating haven. Eastwards there are headlands and craggy islands, remote seamounts and billfish rich currents; and inland, there is an intricate network of coastal rivers and lakes surrounded by wildlife. This all emanates from Port Stephens’ watery hub.

Some days you might be whale watching, while you haul in snapper or mahi mahi. On other days you might be miles up a channel between huge coastal lake networks, surrounded by forest and swans in the center of Myall Lake National Park.

This place is ideal for boats, with many moorings, ramps and hire boats are in abundance.

The Marine Park at Port Stephens protrudes beneath the tide line, however there are lots of areas to tow wakeboards or catch fish to eat.

This place is ideal for boats, with many moorings, ramps and parking spaces. The marina is excellent, so marine businesses and hire boats are in abundance. Every village or town round Port Stephens is charming in its’ own way, and is reachable by water or road.

Anglers love the Interclub NSWGFC gamefishing competition in August and the yearly Trailer Boat Fishing competition in the autumn months. The excellent fishing carries on during the year.

There’s lovely water waiting at Port Stephens, regardless of whether you own a kayak or an ocean cruiser.


The waters that run from St Georges Basin to Shoalhaven Heads have sufficient boating opportunities to satisfy you forever.

Jervis Bay is particularly exceptional. It is fifteen kilometers long and ten kilometers wide, with clear, glistening water and stunning white sands. This is the hub of Jervis Bay’s Marine Park. Also, the Australian Navy appreciates this area enough to keep a base on the south shore.

white sand

Whatever watersport you can think of, Jervis Bay has a fun area for you to do it!