Some Boating Locations Around Australia That Are Wonderful

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The Great Sandy Strait

Located about 800km to the south is a place called Hervey Bay. It has been hailed as being a sort of northern gateway to The Great Sandy Strait. The Great Sandy Strait is a waterway that gives top protection from the destructive winds that come with the seasons. These winds are southeast in the winter and northeast in the summer-time. The sheltered waterway is what divides the mainland from Fraser Island and gives space and freedom to all those who want to leave their cares behind for a week or more.

It is a place that is famous for whale watching.

North of The Great Sandy Strait, there is Platypus Bay, and it is a place that is famous for whale watching. It is a time for whale humpbacks and their young calves to come home for a while to stay on the southern leg during their annual migration. Platypus Bay is edged along by the pristine, as well as, the white sandy beaches that belong to Fraser Island and is the ideal getaway to spend a day before going south to the locale of The Great Sandy Strait.

When you proceed south from this area, there is Fraser Island, and what makes it great is clear. It has fantastic scenery and numerous sheltered fishing spots. In addition, there are lots of real reminders of the timber industry, which was once a thriving business spot such as the ones in Anchorage known as Garry’s and Mckenzie’s Jetty and Garry’s Anchorage. Garry’s Anchorage is considered to be one of the most popular of all stopovers in the straits where cruising yachts are concerned.

It has fantastic scenery and numerous sheltered fishing spots.

It does indeed require much care when one is navigating The Great Sandy Strait. It is because it is dotted with many sandy banks. The channels are marked and charted very well though. Located at the bottom of Fraser Island, this strait does split out directly into the Pacific Ocean, and the place where this happens is at Inskip Point. These are just some of the many high-quality boating locations around Australia.